The Make Agency was borne out of a need to fill a unique and important niche; establishing an agency which addresses the media and communications needs of key communities from artistic and political standpoints. Our clients know they belong to an elite community. We not only understands their needs, we foresee them.

Only The Make Agency lends credibility to strategy — whether you’re a client or another PR firm — with our unique ability to understand your unique vision, we can bridge the communication gaps and create new ones. Plus, we give you access to a network of global visionaries. We are pushing forward into the future of public relations.


Only The Make Agency…

  • Offers on-the-ground expertise about issues related to key international communities in arts, politics and culture;
  • Has a unique and nuanced understanding of the international diaspora;
  • Provides community-sensitive PR services, particularly pertaining to gender, race, and sexuality in key minority and cross-cultural communities;
  • Traverses the bridge between traditional and cutting edge approaches to cross-cultural media communications;
  • Goes beyond media placements and trainings to plug our clients into a powerful, global communications network that advances their organizations’ missions and gains them access to influencers and tastemakers.