At The Make Agency, we believe our rapidly changing world requires us to re-think the way we communicate. Our tailor made three-step Make Agency program is designed to guide you through achieving your ambitions.

With a dynamic approach and unparalleled expertise, our diverse and insightful teams, go beyond the tools of traditional PR. We understand the communications of tomorrow require more than a few press placements and media trainings. The Make Agency is on the cutting edge of PR strategy:


your unique vision

We take the time to understand your unique vision from the inside-out. Whether you’re an individual, an organization that is just starting out or a special event, we treat our clients like family. We take the time to really zero in on your vision. Then we agree on a plan to realize your ambitions and prepare to create breakthrough strategies for implementation. Because we always keep the big and small pictures in mind, our strategies are built to withstand the short and long-term.


breakthrough strategies

Once we understand your goals, we apply our nuanced techniques and skill set to create and implement breakthrough strategies. The Make Agency is selective about the clientele it takes on, ensuring one-on-one attention for your team. We curate strategies — going beyond traditional PR with our cutting edge expertise in social media, new media, multimedia, video and Web 3.0, 4.0. We tell your story with creativity and integrity, implementing the newest and best tools of the trade. Preparing you to integrate into our amazing network and begin building and enhancing a foundation.


connect to a global network of visionaries

Finally, when you’re ready to deliver and advance your vision for change, we introduce you to a powerful and elite global network of visionaries. Giving you the chance to connect with some of the most successful movers and shakers in the world. Our network is made up of individuals and organizations who continue to influence the world around them — The Make Agency will place you on their map.