About Us

The Make Agency

is a world-renowned, New York based strategic media and public relations firm. Our ability to understand, create and network on behalf of our clientele, makes us a pioneer in the field. We continue to remain at the forefront of an ever-shifting global media landscape, providing among our many services, strategic planning, training and expert public relations. Our clientele includes high-profile movers and shakers — ranging from international dignitaries and governmental bodies to film festivals and non-profit organizations the world over. We are the leader in fusing East and West.

While our core practices are arts, culture and political advisory, we don’t merely specialize. We cross boundaries and blur labels in order to achieve one goal: empowering clients with the tools to make their own best success stories. In doing so, we stay ahead of the curve, while maintaining cultural sensitivity and integrity. With presence in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout the Middle East, The Make Agency provides clients with what they need to take over the world.

Mahdis Keshavarz

Principal, The Make Agency

A Renaissance PR Strategist and Founder of The Make Agency, Mahdis Keshavarz is an empowering and dynamic voice for the Middle Eastern community. Her ability to create uniquely intelligent and culturally sensitive strategies has kept her clients at the forefront of an ever-shifting global media landscape.

As an accomplished advocate of groundbreaking issues, she has exhibited her capacity to positively shift dialogues and challenge the status-quo. Her ability to fuse East and West makes her the most sought after representative in understanding, creating and networking on behalf of her clientele. As a commentator, she has written for Billboard and Slate magazines and has been featured on the BBC and Democracy Now!

Since establishing The Make Agency, Ms. Keshavarz’s diverse client roster has included international dignitaries, Hollywood stars, global artists, numerous film festivals and events focusing on the Middle Eastern community. She has placed thousands of news stories and op-eds with leading media outlets around the world – including front page stories in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, NPR, The National and Al Jazeera. She serves on the boards of the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (AMEJA) and tech startup Syria Central.

Justin McIntosh

Creative Director, The Make Agency

Justin McIntosh brings his innovative vision to a diverse range of clients at The Make Agency. His life and creativity is fed by new ways of thinking, social justice and sustainability. His designs and photographs have been featured and published internationally in books, textbooks, periodicals, newspapers and online, including The Boston Globe, The Toronto Star, I-D Magazine, New York Magazine, Democracy Now!, The Wikimedia Foundation, Matibooks (Korea) and Boston’s Municipal Court.